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Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization has two main parts which are both about accurately describing the content on your website or online store so that the visitors and search engines alike can see exactly what you are offering.


On Page Optimization is the most important aspect to get increases SERPS. The search engine spiders gather information from the web pages and use them in factoring which site get ranked higher than others. Search engines analyze over 100 On-Page factors when analyzing the web pages. On Page Optimization are elements on the actual web page, like keyword density, keyword placement, and overall content within the site.

Off Page Optimization:

It has to do with links pointing to the website. If Page A points to Page B, then Page A casts a vote for page B. This is one part of the search algorithm used by many search engines. Another part of their algorithm is rating the actual value of Page A. If Page A is valuable and it is pointing to page B, then page B must have value as well.

Page A is valuable and it is pointing to page B, then page B must have value as well. When optimizing a website for the web it is crucial for us to make your website as search engine friendly as possible. Using the proper keywords, description, title and the usage of meta & alt tags, we make sure your website will be well recognized by the search engines. Building “search engine friendly” websites is our specialty.

Our SEO Plan?

  • Website and Competitor Analysis
  • Keywords Identification
  • Meta Tags Creation & Web Page Optimization
  • Maintenance and Re-optimization
  • Content management
  • Right spelling and grammar
  • Folder Or Page Name
  • Page size
  • Anchor text
  • Minimize use of big siteimages and multimedia files
  • Keywords
  • Keywords VS ROI
  • Sitemap
  • Image and Multimedia files name
  • Title and Meta Tags
  • Set Up Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics into Ad Words
  • Link Campaign
  • Reciprocal Link Building
  • One-Way link Building
  • Directory Submission
  • Press Release and Article Submission
  • Blog (Online Journal)
  • Forum Participation
  • Online Classified Ads
  • News Feed
  • Partner site linking
  • Keyword density reviews
  • Robot crawl checks
  • Review Algorithm changes, make adjustments needed
  • Add Google Analytics to the pages
  • Online/In-house Review of Statistics

Overall we design your website in the proper structure to maximize its potential with the search engines. With a structured design and the proper SEO techniques there is no reason why you will not see an instant improvement in the amount of visitors and traffic to your website.

Internet Marketing & Promotion includes search engine marketing and additional online marketing tools like

  • Campaign Design
  • Promotional site design
  • Banner Design
  • Viral Marketing and Social Media Development

Our Internet Marketing Services can make your website stand out in a crowd If your customers cannot find you, they can't buy from you!

  • Looking to promote a website?
  • Marketing a new product?
  • Wanting to increase sales?
  • Needing to communicate with a huge audience quickly and cost effectively?

Website Promotion

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