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E-Business Services

Our E-Business focus addresses the entire gamut of business requirements - from establishing a meaningful Internet presence and content management and portal solutions to B2B integration, enterprise application integration, mobile commerce and web security.

B2B Integration

We provide a range of B2B solutions, which offer seamless integration at the data application and process level, thereby enabling organizations to share information between applications, among partners, suppliers and customers. We provide industry specific solutions as well as a number of cross industry services

Our eBusiness solution helps you in the followings:

  • Establishing a meaningful online presence
  • Integrating web applications and data with back-end business processes
  • Integrating internal business processes with external business partners' business processes
  • Integrating Internet storefronts with internal business applications and supplier's applications
  • Ensuring responsiveness to customer queries and accurate order fulfillment
  • Ensuring secure and reliable exchange of information over the Internet and private networks

To make sure that our clients get only the very best services, we work on a wide range of technology platforms, which include Microsoft, Sun and Oracle. We have delivered solutions in B2B/B2C portals, e-procurement, digital marketplaces and portals.

Web Development

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Why we are?

CSI is focused on providing our clients, partners and employees with constant innovation, learning, teamwork, knowledge sharing and growth.

  • We give quality products
  • With full customer satisfaction
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